A approach and the treatment of the drug-problem at Tanoda
by Edit Győrik

From the very beginning there are drug users among the applicants to the Tanoda; during the past few years in the sub-culture of marginalized youth circulated the information: Tanoda was the place, where even addicts had the chance to finish secondary school studies. In the honest atmosphere of the Tanoda, where all problems are treated openly, usually during the first conversation becomes clear the problem of addiction as a blockage of learning.
Though in the middle of attention even in this case there is the individual as a whole and not the problem itself, the teaching and care of addicts require different methods and different system of expectations. The teacher-helpers think the process of teaching/learning a kind of human relation. The place and occasion is assured for the change, the perspectives and chances are shown - the decision is that of the addict. Every small change in the attitudes of addicts is strongly supported.
According to principal rules selling or/and using drugs and alcohol is strictly forbidden at the Tanoda. The open discussions on the questions concerning drugs guarantee, that the Tanoda remain a "clear place", but the main aim is not that, in itself. The most important thing related with addicts is the continuous contact with the Tanoda as a place without drugs. That is the first step for learning. Important is the support of the group of the same age.
The main fields the work are the transmission of information and knowledge, formation of views, the treatment of occasional users, the support of addicts and re-socialization.
In this work the Tanoda has contacts with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, self-help organizations and groups.
The most meaningful and successful common work emerged from the collaboration with Leo Amici Foundation (Komló, Hungary). As the process of rehabilitation going on at Leo Amici Foundation can be a complementary part of Tanoda's work, the possibility of learning at the Tanoda can complement the rehabilitation.
The operation of such a school, where drug addicts can learn and even make final examination can be treated as a real success of the Tanoda