The final examination as a turning point in life
by Szilvia Bősze, Edit Győrik

The Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation's Secondary School makes final examinations two times in a year, in June and in October. These two dates are important from the point of view of the individual rhythm of advance, which can differ in subjects as well. There are students, who can reach the proper knowledge from one or more subjects only later.
The final examination takes place in presence of an independent board of teachers from other schools. This independent board is needed on account of both the teachers and the students of the Tanoda
The final examination practically means leaving the safe atmosphere of the Tanoda, so this period is not easy for most of the students.
The final examination in the Tanoda has an important meaning, not only from the point of view of knowledge, but, as the learning is a part of the process of personality development, from the point of view of growing up as well.