Interviews with the students of
Belvárosi Tanoda Secondary School

made by Anikó Csáki

In the interviews made with students of Tanoda and those young people who have made final exam at Tanoda, we can read about their connection with the family, the structure of their families.
They speak about our first steps to the Tanoda; about the operation of the Tanoda with all its differences from other schools; they tell how they see the students of Tanoda, how they themselves have got there, they speak about the preliminary conversations, the Club, the admission procedure.
They tell about their relationship with their helping pair and the other teacher-helpers; they tell their opinion about the staff as a whole and its function in the life of the Tanoda. They describe the differences between the classes in the Tanoda and in their previous schools, and they tell why they think important to make the final exam.

In the deep confession of four life-interviews we can read all about these questions in really surprising - sometimes even shocking - details.