The brain and heart of Tanoda - the staff
by Edit Gy§rik

In this text the author speaks about the importance of teamwork - that is, working as a staff; first she gives details of organization of the staff, then of the way of operation. The atmosphere - as a guarantee for proper work - is strongly emphasized.

  the staff is responsible - like a supervisor - for the professionals working in it both spiritual and vocational points of view, that is, it helps for the helpers; the members of the staff collaborate for the sake of care and teaching young people, so the staff must function as a case discussion group;
the staff gives continuous feedback about the work of its members and that of the group as a whole;
the staff forms the conception of Tanoda, as an institute of help according to changing needs and it forms the everyday life of Tanoda;
the staff makes decisions and administrations; it is responsible for the healthy share of work;
the staff works as an intellectual and spiritual workshop;
the staff is a way of leading an institute based on the mutual thinking and taking responsibility.

The author speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of working as a staff, and about the problem of applying this way of operation in institutes of other kinds.