Phare Lien Programme
13th Jan., 2000 - 13th Jan., 2002

The name of the program:
  Improving regional capacity in connection with addiction treatment and endangered youth

Partner organizations:

  "Belvárosi Tanoda" Foundation
Leo Amici Foundation
Podané Ruce
Clinique de La Chesnaie
Budapest, Hungary
Komló, Hungary
Brno, Czech Republic
Paris, France
Chailles, France

The program attempted to gather and through the education of professionals, teachers, helpers and young volunteers develop the methods of treatment of endangered and/or addicts youth in Hungary and in Czech Republic, with the help of two French partners. We have organized method exchange programs, we have operated therapeutical workshops, we have developed our institutes and we have made some professional-methodological materials as resume of West European and successful East European experiences. As a special task, we expansively circulated our methods; we have spoken about our methods in a wide public, we thought very important to create a net of collaborating civilian and governmental organizations, especially in Hungary. The concerning materials are available for teachers and social workers, for NGO-s, dealing with endangered youth and/or addicts young people, and for the wide range of other youth organizations as well. The informal net built between there organizations will provide the continuous collaboration and development.

The primary aim of the program was support the re-integration of marginalized groups - especially drug addicts and deviant youth into the society and to promote the possibilities of prevention of marginalization.

In the last years in Hungary there is a growing attention to this problem, so the NGO-s mentioned above are growing too; they are more and more accepted, they have more and more success in rehabilitations, treatment, prevention and the education. This program has had great effects on the development of drug-prevention activity all over Hungary. The "Belvárosi Tanoda" Foundation was regularly engaged in prevention work in schools in different parts of the country. In this prevention work we used the means, methods and experiences of theatre- and art-therapy, too. We successfully transmitted the view, that the pedagogues have the key role in prevention and treatment of deviancy problem.

The main activity fields and event of the program were:

Workshops, working regularly at "Belvárosi Tanoda" Foundation:
  Theatre-Station Group - theatre-therapy (2 /week, 8-12 persons/occasion)
Group therapy - Tanoda Club (2 /week, 15-25 ps/occ.)
Case discussion (4 /week, 8-10 ps/occ.)
Parents' Group (2 /month, 6-8 ps/occ.)
Art Therapy (2 /week, 10-12 ps/occ.)
Abstinence-maintaining Group (1 /week, 8-15 ps/occ.)
Self-help Group for Helpers (1/month, 6-9 ps/occ.)

Method exchange programs

  Leo Amici-BTA method exchange, since April, 2000, continuous, 3 days/month, 15-21 ps/occ.)
Leo Amici-BTA-Podane Ruce method exchange (4 occasions, 17 days, 98 participants)

  The themes discussed:
  · drug prevention
· after-care
· harm reduction
· prison-work
· organization-development

  La Chesnaie-BTA-Leo Amici method exchange (2 occasions, 20 days, 30 participants)
Theatre therapy trainings:

  · led by ATRAAL Theatre Therapy Association at BTA (1 time, 7 days, 12 participants)
· led by ATRAAL Theatre Therapy Association at Leo Amici (3 times, 53 days, 15-20 participants/occ.)
· led by ATRAAL Theatre Therapy Association at Podane Ruce (2 times, 14 days, 12 participant)
· led by Theatre Station at La Chesnaie (1 time, 11 days, 30 participants)

  Psychotherapeutic training at La Chesnaie (2 times, 3 months, 3 participants from BTA)
Method exchange program, BTA-La Chesnaie-Leo Amici, at Budapest and Komló (1 time, 9 days, 18 participants)

Network, the transmitting the program and method all over Hungary

  Station Evenings (1 time/month, 60-120 ps/occ.)
discussions on drug prevention for teachers and youth, all over Hungary (3-4 times/month, 20-50 ps/occ.)
Consultations for professionals, taking part in conferences, meetings in our own organization (2 times /month, 15-250 ps/occ.)
Program and methods demonstrations for professionals from abroad (10 times)
continuous acceptance of interested professionals during the whole program
organization of 6 professional meetings for Hungarian NGO-s

The program and its result was demonstrated on conferences listed below:

  IV. Conference on Mentalhigiene and Drugs, Salgótarján, 120 ps.
International Theatre Therapeutical Meeting, Mosónmagyaróvár, 300 ps.
European Protestant Hungarian Free University, Tata, 120 ps.
Day of Addictions, 2000, 2001, Budapest, 1000 ps.
Students' Olympics 2000, Budapest, 2000 ps.
Campaign against Addiction, Budapest, 1000 ps.
National Youth Meeting, Kecskemét, 200 ps.
Chances and Dangers Conference, Budapest, 600 ps.
Alarm-bell - Possibilities of teachers in drug prevention, Conference and Methods Fair, Budapest, 800 ps.
Conference on Theatre Therapy, Reims
International Festival of Movement Theatres, Budapest, 100 ps.
Conference on Deviancy, Budapest, 50 ps.

Documentation - Phare-Lien Publication

I. The Tanoda-method
Education, rehabilitation and community program for helping deviant and addicted young people

  Győrik, Edit: A deviant secondary school
  · The professional, pedagological program and activity of Belvárosi Tanoda Secondary School
  Győrik, Edit: "The brain and heart of Tanoda: the staff"
  Teamwork as a method of leading the institute at Tanoda
  Győrik, Edit: The approach and treatment of drug problems at Belvárosi Tanoda
Győrik, Edit - Solymosy József: The organization and operation of learning groups in a person-centered system
Csáki, Anikó: The functioning of Tanoda according to interviews with students
Csáki, Anikó: Life-path interviews I-IV.
Bősze, Szilvia - Győrik, Edit: The leaving-examination as a turning point in life
Kiss, B.Katalin: Problems of deviancy at Tanoda - according to collected data
Mészáros, Mercedesz: Re-socialization and support of learning of young people in prison
Mészáros, Mercedesz: Case studies

II. Transmission of Tanoda Method
  Győrik, Edit-Solymosy, József: Three-year Study plan of Belvárosi Tanoda for professional helpers on problem of deviancy
Győrik, Edit: Course on deviancy - plan for teachers and professional helpers

III. . Development of institutional capacity and treatment of addicts
  Győrik, Edit: The development program and experiences of treatment addicted people - the planned program of Station Group
Olaszy, Csaba: A new form of treatment of drug addicts - the methods and activities of Tanoda's Stop Group
Dr. Kelemen, Gábor, Mihaldinecz, Csaba & Miagradovics, Vince: The architecture of the therapy and its methods at Leo Amici Foundation

IV. Theatre Therapy
  The master of the game - video on Georges Baal's work
Show me a good men! (Lautréamont) - video on Georges Baal's work
Baal, Georges: Theatre therapy with addicts; from the drug user to the theatre
Theatre Station - video documentation on theatre therapy with deviant and/or addicted young people (workshops and performances)

V. Other documents
  Music Therapy with addicts - cassette demonstrating the method of Leo Amici Foundation
Program - photo documentation
112 hours video-documentation, made during the whole program*
52 interviews, made with beneficiaries (28) and the members of the target group (24)* - they were analyzed in the study made by Anikó Csáki: The functioning of Tanoda …
CD, which carries most of the methodological writings of Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation (listed above), illustrated with photos, and gives a brief description about the activity of partner organizations; the methodological writings recently are available only in Hungarian.

* the video documentation and all the inteviews can be found in Tanoda'archivum