The problems of deviancy at the Tanoda - in the mirror of data
By Katalin, Kiss B.

In this sociological study the author demonstrates the origins of different forms of deviancy analyzing data got from students of the Tanoda, such as family-history, intellectual and economical status of the family, the process of socialization, the role of the different communities - such as sub-cultures, spiritual movements religious communities, political groups, drug and/or alcohol consumption, smoking, suicide, physical or/and mental illness in the family.
The study examines the reasons of dropping out from the school, where the students give the examples of "bad appearance", "bad ways of communication", "bad teachers" and "bad atmosphere of the school", and, in more serious cases the drug-use, the problems in family.
As a conclusion, all students expect from the Tanoda the possibility of learning and making the final examination that is, a positive change in life.