Preparation of professional helpers for the problem of deviancy
Plan of a three years vocational training at Belvárosi Tanoda

by József Solymosy and Edit Győrik

Since the deviancy is a really existing phenomenon in society and it is growing year by year, there should be professionals dealing with it. Unfortunately, in the education of teachers is lacking a course on this complicated problem, even though they would be the key persons in its prevention and primary treatment.
Based on the great amount of practical experiences the Tanoda worked out a three-year course on deviancy especially for would be teacher-helpers. This special pedagogy can be learnt only through own experiences.
The first year is that of getting information and basic knowledge about the principals of the atmosphere of helping attitude, the complex case-management, the different kinds of intervention; then all these questions are subjects of analysis in a group-form.
The second year is that of the adaptation of knowledge through practical work with a client chosen by them controlled by the whole group.
In the third year the practical knowledge and skills must be integrated into students' own institute.
During the course the students must get acquainted with some special concepts of this kind of work - used at the Tanoda -, they have to learn about the forms of deviant behavior, the personality development, the person-centered way of thinking, the love, the acceptation etc.
Having finished the course the professionals at their own institutes with their colleagues are to form a group for analysis of cases, and if necessary, a group for prevention and treatment of deviancy.