The Stop Group
by Csaba Olaszy

The Stop Group offers activity, work, human relations, friends for the hanging out, deviant, moping, lonely, alcohol-, drug-addicts or fighting with other kind of abuse young people who need such a care, and for those, who are to get in touch with them, who are to share their company.
The house itself is maintaned and the programs are operated for them and by them; everything is based on voluntary work, special self-help groups, community services and creative activities. All these assure the proper rhythm of the day.
The Stop Group fills the function of a drop-in centre, where pre-rehabilitation and rehabilitation take place. Basically it is a multifunctional open house, where the programs are organized according the actual needs.
The help given there is absolutely human in nature. The helpers coordinating the activities of the Stop Group work as a staff; that makes the common decisions possible; it is the forum of transmission of information and the supervision.
The Stop Group is not such an institution, which arranges people around the frames, but it arranges the frames according the needs of people, that is, the Stop Group is a person-centered place.
The Stop Group is an organization of self-help; its basic principles are those of the positive change, the openness, the cooperation, the acceptance and the trust; the principle of 'I use drugs - we recover"; the principle of 'hurry slowly' etc.
The main self-help groups at the Stop are listed below: Sobriety Maintaining Groups, Self-help Group for Parents of Addicts, Creative Workshop. The Theatre Stop is one of the most developed activities of the Stop Group. It is a self-help theatre group, which offers the possibility of self-examination, self-observation through the process of creation built on exercises with movements, voices and texts.
In every month there a Stop Evening is organized. It gives for the participants possibility of presenting their skills. The main feature of the Stop Evenings is the genuinity.
The Stop Group gives place for self-help groups organized by other foundations or institutions, as well.
As a part of the rehabilitation work the Stop Group provides different kinds of educational program, too.
The other main field of its activity is the prevenetion work: addicts and recovered addicts, visiting schools and taking part in events against drugs, honestly speak about their drug-problems, their experiences on the drug-abuse and recovery.